Educational tours are part and parcel of life of students. Students need rest and entertainment after working hard for many days. Excursions can provide them with this much-needed leisure. They refresh their tired brains and add charms to their lives.  When students leave their surrounding and stay out for a few days with their friends and teachers, they develop qualities like self-confidence, responsibility, punctuality, self-reliance, tolerance and above all general knowledge. They get first-hand knowledge of people and place while participating in an excursion. Simply reading books on science, commerce, arts, computers, education, history,  etc. produces only book worms. For having enlightened citizen for a better world-order, we encourage educational tours in our school & take the  students on short duration tours under the supervision on their tutors in order to break the monotony of routine life and see the outside world beyond the four walls of their school and home . Through such tours students also gather sufficient knowledge about antiquity , diversity and rich cultural heritage of India.